Armageddon MUD Tools and MUSHclient Plugins

In-Game Clocks and MUSHclient plugins designed for Armageddon MUD.

MUSHclient Plugins

For Armageddon, by Robert Pate (@robertpateii)

Generic Installation Instructions

  1. Download the desired plugin. Save as type "All Files."
  2. Open MUSHclient.
  3. Navigate to File / Plugins.
  4. Click the "Add" button.
  5. Navigate to the downloaded file and click Open.
  6. Close the "Plugins" menu and proceed to play.
  7. Updates require removing the plugin first.

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Combat Highlights

Room Name Highlight

Thank You

Other Armageddon Tools

Arma clock in Java

By @catstacks - Source Code

Mudlet Infobar

By Cutthroat - See link for source and installation info.